Big Box Advertising offers out-of home advertising (OOH) solutions to businesses and organisations looking to get their business seen in the right areas. We specialise in the installation of high definition digital advertising screens and large scale outdoor signage across Cornwall and the sale and management of advertising after.

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How does it work?

We hand pick the best locations based upon footfall numbers and dwell time (how long people spend in the area) and visit every location to determine if it’s a good fit for either digital advertising screens or outdoor signage.

As one of our valued hosts, we install the screens and provide ongoing maintenance at no cost to you AND manage the entire sales process. You won’t have to lift a finger and you’ll earn revenue from every advert sold at your location.

Our proactive sales team is always on hand to help potential advertisers choose the right location to promote their goods and services. We offer free artwork design and you can change your artwork throughout your campaign.

Why choose Big Box?

Out-of-home media is one of the fastest growing ad mediums worldwide because of the advantages it has over traditional advertising mediums such as print.

Customers do not have to take direct action to engage with out-of-home advertising – it’s right there in front of them – and it’s proven to capture people’s attention.

Advertisers can change their artwork to reflect a new product launch, limited time offer or upcoming event.

Hosts can use the platform to share information and promotions with their own customers as an additional benefit to the revenue they earn from every advert sold.

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